Question: Who is a co-exhibitor?

Answer: This part of the application form must be completed by an exhibitor who has agreed to promote another institution or other institutions in their stand. In this way they recruit a co-exhibitor or co-exhibitors.

Question: Should I reserve only exhibition space or a standard stand including exhibition space?

Answer: Exhibitors can order exhibition space if they have their own stand that they want to use, or another supplier who will provide a stand for the fair.
A standard display including exhibition space should be ordered if the exhibitor wishes the fair organiser to provide a full exhibition service.

Question: Do I have to draw a plan when I order an exhibition stand?

Answer: A sketch of the exhibition display is not compulsory but it will help us with technical arrangements for the exhibition, especially elements built into the stand (shelves, and the door if you order optional storage space), whose placement could obstruct you if plan to put graphics on the walls of the exhibition stand.

Question: What are the dimensions of one wall of the exhibition stand if I want to stick a graphic design to the whole wall?

Answer: The wall of the exhibition stand has the following dimensions: width 1000 mm x height 2250 mm. The usable part is 980 mm x 2230 mm (a few mm at each edge of the wall are used for attachment to stands and trusses). When planning a whole-wall graphic design, we recommend that you do not allow text to extend right to the borders, otherwise it could be hidden by a truss or stand.

Question: If I send a registration form and then find that I need to change something or order an extra service, do I have to fill in a new form?

Answer: No, changes and additional requests for orders that have already been sent must be arranged by mail by writing to our email address:

Question: How can I get to the National Tennis Centre from the main railway station by public transport?

Answer: There is no direct connection. You can take bus no. 61 or trolleybus no. 201 to the stop TRNAVSKÉ MÝTO where you change to tram no. 2 towards Nové Mesto station or no. 4 towards Zlaté Piesky and get off at the stop NOVÁ DOBA. .

Question: If I want to bring a whole class of students to the fair on a particular day at a particular time, do I have to declare the number of persons in advance and buy tickets?

Answer: It is not necessary; tickets can be bought at the entrance to the fair and there is no need to book in advance. 
If you would like to order tickets before the fair and you know how many you will need, you can submit an order using the form in the VISITOR section, and after you pay the invoice we will send them to you at the address you supply.



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